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SEQ Digital Radio System

Philcomm is the only Queensland based company, owned and operated, that offers a DMR Tier III standard wide area network for South East Queensland. This network provides improvements in user safety features and enhanced functionality.

Our DMR Tier III standard digital radio system operates in the commercial 450-520MHz (also 400-470MHz) frequency band. DMR Tier III radios will automatically roam to the most appropriate radio site, without the user having to change channels as the radio travels within the operational area. Also has the ability to utilise multiple channels as required for all industry types and purposes.


Radios have an integrated duress alarm, with the following functions:

  • Activation by the user via either overt duress switch on the radio, or a covert duress switch e.g. footswitch or dash switch.
  • Unit identification upon activation of duress alarm.
  • Monitoring of ambient audio, via the standard or covert microphone to aid in understanding of the duress situation without needing to speak directly to the user.

Operational Functions

As standard, Philcomm's DMR Tier III base radio will be able to:

  • Identify the caller ID.
  • Transmit to and monitor all radio channels used.
  • Be alerted and be able to respond to incoming duress calls.
  • Activate monitoring of ambient audio.
  • Initiate group and private calls as required.
  • Send a short text message to a radio.
  • Queue radio calls.
  • Provide a method of communicating to all users and responding to duress calls after hours e.g. via off site radio, PC application or our monitoring partner.

Fleet Management Two Way Radios